FORMAREP, Françoise MUHR-SUEUR, Gérard SUEUR, réconciliation avec soi-même, acteur réflexif, crise identitaire, CMV,crise du milieu de la vie, contrat de survie, compétence clé.


 Personal development
 Professional training
With professional experience that complements each other (25 years in business consulting for Françoise MUHR-SUEUR and 35 years in the field of therapy for Gérard SUEUR), this team has since 1990 allied their skills to work on identity crises using stringent ethical criteria.  This area of expertise benefits both individuals (through personal development) and organizations (such as businesses or institutions).

Their training structure focuses on the acquisition of key skills and management of human factors, for these are the factors that account for the success or failure of a relationship, of transmission of knowledge, of therapeutic treatment, of bringing an initiative to fruition, or of managing a team. 
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